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Spring Update - Safety is the Issue!


Spring is officially here and it will not be long before we are out on the lake boating.  But before the weather turns nice and we get too busy with summer activities, we should take time to think safety. Before we get our boats out on the lake take time to inspect your vessel for safety.


What is a Vessel Safety Check? A vessel safety check insures the vessel and its equipment comply with federal, state and local requirements. Some inspection items include:


•  Fire extinguishers

•  Backfire flame control

•  Sound producing devices

•  Visual distress signals

•  Life-jackets

•  Registration and documentation

•  State and local requirements

•  Navigation lights

•  Proper display of numbers

•  Ventilation

•  Overall vessel condition


A vessel safety check may help to prevent citations by ensuring your vessel meets federal, state and local safety equipment requirements.  Identify possible equipment defects and costly breakdowns. Increase safe boating practices to help you avoid accidents and injuries. Provide a better understanding and care of your marine safety equipment.


To find out more visit: www.safetyseal.net

You can also do an on-line virtual safety inspection at this website.


Fuel Pump


Last fall we completed the fuel pump operating system upgrade. It operates just as it did before, similar to any gas pump. Please remember to hit the yellow grade button before fueling. Occasionally, during a short power outage, the pump needs to be reset. If you do not see a price in the window at the pump, this is the case. To reset the pump simply push the button located to the right of the door in the small white building north of the pump.


In case there is an emergency, at the pump, located just north of the pump there is a fire extinguisher and an emergency fuel shut off button. Pull the handle to break the glass. Also, on the south side of the small white building there is another shut off button and an emergency phone that auto-dials 911.



Prepare for this upcoming boating season by thinking about safe boating practices. More tips and links available at the safety section of our HOA website.


Happy Boating

Rich Melkus, Lake Manager

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