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Labor Day Message from Rich

August 31, 2017


Dear Residents,


Labor Day is upon us and the kids are back in school.  So I thought I'd drop a quick note to recap a few items. Of course always # 1 is safety, here is a list of items that were brought to my attention this summer.

1. Going to fast in and out of the coves. These are no wake zones and speeds should be kept at 5 MPH.

2. Traveling the wrong way through the bridges. Yikes! Always go from North to South even if you are the only one on the lake.

3. Traveling at too fast after dark. It's a state rule 5 mph after sun down. Also make sure you have the proper lighting if you are out after dark.

4. Music too loud late at night (or during the day for that mater.). Please be mindful of others when playing music while your on the water or in your back yard. Please try to keep this a quiet and peaceful community.

5.Remember to put up the orange flags when skiers or tubers are in the water.

6. Jet Skis keep to yourselves. Do not play dodgem behind boats.

7. Any one who was born after Dec 31, 1985 must have completed Nebraska's boating safety course.

8. Keep up on safety rules and follow them. We do not have safety patrols on the lake. Too many safety infractions will cause us to employ a safety patrol.

9. Boat not registered on the lake. If you do not have a lake sticker for each of your motorize watercraft please go the web page and fill out the online boat registration form.


Also related to safety please follow the traffic rules on our streets.  25 MPH is the limit on all streets. Please come to a complete stop at stop signs. 


Zebra Mussels continue to be a concern. If you take your boat to any other body of water please take the proper steps to eliminate threat of contamination to our lake. Never invite a friend to put their boat in our lake who knows where its been. Not only is it against the lake rules but it invites contamination of our lake.  Please let me know if you are traveling to another lake.


I'm sure you know by now that we have a new web page. Although the original one is still there it will soon pass into obscurity.  So please book mark the new web page: www.newportlandinghoa.com.  You can still contact me if you have question about the new site and I will pass along the info. They do not have a classified section but using the "Nextdoor.com" site would probably get your for sale item out to more people. It seems to be a great way to share information. So sign up if you haven't already. The is also a link to "nextdoor" on the new web site.


If you have questions or problems that you think need my attention please feel free to contact me at nplrichm@gmail.com or you can call me or text. If you text me please let me know who you are as I do not have everyone's number in my phone. If you are looking for the gate code and you can't reach me you can contact any of the board members. If you are in a hurry it's probably  best to call rather than text.


Occasionally a small power outage will shut down the gas pump. Usually after a storm but not always. So if you find the pump not responding and notice there are no numbers showing it needs to be reset. To do this simply push the button just to the right of the door on the small white building at the top of the ramp. 


If you are reading this message on the web page and did not receive it by email please let me know and I will add you to my list. I try to keep my list up  but addresses change and we gain new people all the time. So please let me know if you want me to add you to my list or if you need an address removed.


Happy Holiday!


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