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Reminders: Lake Safety (July Update!)

July 5, 2017




Click below for a traffic pattern and safety card you can print and put in your boat. Make sure your guests review these prior to boating.


Traffic Pattern Card

Safety Card



Summer boating season is here! While we are all excited to be on the water, there are some things to keep in mind for your safety and for the safety of all residents. It is YOUR responsibility to follow these guidelines and to make sure your guests are aware as well.


Traffic Pattern: The traffic pattern for the lake can be found here. Please make sure all watercraft adhere to this pattern. 


No Wake Zones: These are clearly marked and they mean 5 MPH or less. Please adhere to no wake zones.


The State: Yes, the State does have the right to show up unannounced and cite for boat safety of lack of State tags. This lake is under the rule of the State Games and Park Commission concerning boating and fishing. Make sure your tags are up to date.


Night Boating: 5 MPH max after sundown. No exceptions and you must have approved running lights on at all times. Music should be turned down after 10pm.


Drinking Alcohol: ​Remember drinking alcohol while boating is dangerous.  All the rules concerning drunk driving automobiles pertains to boating. You can loose your drivers licences if you are under the influence while driving a boat. A designated driver also applies to boating. Remember also if you are out in the hot sun alcohol also contributes to heat stroke.


Trespassing and Bridge Jumpers: We all need to work together to let people who are trespassing know that they are not allowed. Please call 911 if you see trespassers. Especially dangerous are trespassers around the bridges. IMMEDIATELY CALL 911 and tell the dispatcher that the HOA WILL PROSECUTE.


Jet Skis: Boats and other vessels always have the right of way. Stay to the right when approach oncoming craft. Crafts approaching on the right side have the right of way. Stay a safe distance from other craft, 100 feet or more. Never follow a boat towing closer than 300 feet. Never operate your jet ski without the safety lanyard attached to you, as the lanyard will immediately cut the jet ski's engine if you fall from the craft. This safety feature can help to prevent bad accidents – so always use it!


Skiing and Wake Boarding: Always wear a personal flotation device (life jacket).Have someone other than the driver act as a spotter. The driver should watch the lake not the skier/boarder. Always check your tow line before each skier/boarder begins. Maintain a reasonable, safe speed at all times and keep an alert eye open for other boats and watercraft. Water skier/boarder hand signals:

Thumbs up - Speed up the boat

Thumbs down - Slow down the boat

Slashing motion over the neck - Cut the motor/stop

Circle Motion With Arm Over head and point in desired direction - Turn the boat

Pat on top of the head - Return to the dock.

OK Signal with hand - Speed & boat path OK or signals understood


Other: No more than 2 water craft on the lake per home at any given time. Be courteous toward your neighbors and stay clear of docks.


Thank you and please reach out to Rich or any member of the board with suggestions or questions. Contact information can be found here and Next Door is also an option for your.


Thank you and safe boating!

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